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Tidal Cycles is a composite software. To upgrade it, it is highly recommended to upgrade everything along with the pattern library (the text editor and the SuperDirt audio engine as well). Each time a new version of Tidal is released, a new version of SuperDirt will likely follow, etc...


If you are using windows, you will need at least version 9.4.2 of ghc installed, e.g. via chocolatey.

For linux and mac, you don't need to upgrade ghc.


Upgrade tidal with the following from a terminal window (Linux/MacOS/Windows):

cabal update
cabal v1-install tidal

If you originally installed tidal with 'cabal install' rather than 'cabal v1-install', you might have to run the following command instead. However this tends to be less reliable than the above method.

cabal update
cabal install tidal --lib

If things get messed up, under linux and macos you can remove the folders .ghc and .cabal from your home folder, and try again. Under windows, you can try the same but by deleting the c:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\cabal where <user> is your username.

Editor plugin

Your text editor might refer to the Tidal Cycles plugin as an extension or as a package. Check the sidebar to get more information about ways to update your favorite text editor.


To upgrade the SuperDirt sound synthesiser/sampler, open SuperCollider, and paste the following command in the interactive editor. Select the text and press Shift+Enter:


You'll need to recompile the class library. You can do this either by simply restarting the software or via the Recompile class library entry on the Language top-bar menu.