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Tidal Cycles is a composite software. To upgrade it, it is highly recommended to upgrade everything along with the pattern library (the text editor and the SuperDirt audio engine as well). Each time a new version of Tidal is released, a new version of SuperDirt will likely follow, etc...


Upgrade tidal with the following from a terminal window (Linux/MacOS/Windows):

cabal update
cabal install tidal --lib

If you're using an older version of haskell you might have to miss the --lib off the above command.

Editor plugin#

Your text editor might refer to the Tidal Cycles plugin as an extension or as a package. Check the sidebar to get more information about ways to update your favorite text editor.


To upgrade the SuperDirt sound synthesiser/sampler, open SuperCollider, and paste the following command in the interactive editor. Select the text and press Shift+Enter:


You'll need to recompile the class library. You can do this either by simply restarting the software or via the Recompile class library entry on the Language top-bar menu.

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