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Meet the community

Getting Help

The main place to get help is the Tidal Club forum, for example the Installation help and Questions and Answers sections. You can search the forum to see if someone had the same problem or question as you before, or post a new topic (requires free signup).

tidal club

Discussion and sharing

For live chat and troubleshooting, you can find other TidalCyclists and live-coders on Discord.

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Development and reporting issues

If you wish to report an issue or to be involved in the development process:

  • Tidal Cycles repository on GitHub (language and pattern library).
  • SuperDirt repository on GitHub (sound synthesis and SC).

For Tidal development and issue tracker, see the [tidal repository]on github.

Algorave and TOPLAP

If you like Tidal Cycles, you will love to learn that there are more people like you around the world!



TOPLAP for Temporal Organisation for the Permanence of Live Artistic Programming (let's pretend that it's not the reverse of laptop) is an art grouping exploring, sharing and creating using live coding tools. Founded in 2004, TOPLAP now exists around the world. There might be a local node in your city.



The Algorave movement, born in 2011, is now organising Algoraves around the world. Check it out.

Social media