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Tidal-vis is a tool made by Alex McLean to visualize Tidal patterns. This package allows several things:

  • OSC messages sent to SuperCollider to be dynamicly rendered in realtime with a separate window. Demo of realtime visualisation.
  • Colour patterns to be rendered as PDF or SVG files. See Examples.hs in the GitHub repository for more help.
  • Colour patterns to be rendered to be rendered dynamicly in separate window. See CycleAnimation.hs for more. Demo.

Setup tidal-vis#

  1. Add the following lines to BootTidal.hs:
-- OSCTarget for pattern visualizing.
patternTarget = OSCTarget { oName = "Pattern handler", oAddress = "", oPort = 5050, oPath = "/trigger/something", oShape = Nothing, oLatency = 0.02, oPreamble = [], oTimestamp = BundleStamp }
-- OSCTarget for play music via SuperCollider.
musicTarget = superdirtTarget { oLatency = 0.1, oAddress = "", oPort = 57120 }
config = defaultConfig {cFrameTimespan = 1/20}
-- Send pattern as osc both to SC and to tidal-vis
tidal <- startMulti [musicTarget, patternTarget] config
-- Send pattern as osc to SC only
-- tidal <- startTidal musicTarget config
  1. Comment tidal <- startTidal... and uncomment tidal <- startMulti...

  2. Build tidal-vis and run:

cd /tidal-vis
stack build
stack exec tidal-vis
  1. Eval your Tidal code.

Learn more#

To learn more about tidal-vis, head to the GitHub repository of the project.

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