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mi-UGens Installation


For debian/ubuntu/mint systems, these ugens can be installed as part of the ansible Tidal installer


  1. Unpack the latest release from mi-UGens appropriate to your Operating System (Note: Windows is missing from 0.0.4, try 0.0.3 which has everything except mi-Braids)

  2. Move the top level directory of the archive (mi-UGens/) into the SuperCollider Extensions folder (create it if it doesn't exist):

  • Linux: /home/<youruser>/.local/share/SuperCollider/Extensions/mi-UGens
  • Windows: C:\Users\<youruser>\AppData\Local\SuperCollider\Extensions\mi-UGens
  • OSX: /Users/<youruser>/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/Extensions/mi-UGens

The SuperCollider Extensions folder can be found by running Platform.userExtensionDir in SuperCollider. The path will be printed to the post window.

  1. Create a new synthdef file mi-ugens.scd, with these synthdefs
  • Linux: /home/<youruser>/.local/share/SuperCollider/synthdefs/mi-ugens.scd
  • Windows: C:\Users\<youruser>\AppData\Local\SuperCollider\synthdefs\mi-ugens.scd
  • OSX: /home/<youruser>/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/synthdefs/mi-ugens.scd
  1. Create a new parameter definitions file, mi-ugens-params.hs, with these parameters
  • Linux: /home/<youruser>/.local/share/SuperCollider/synthdefs/mi-ugens-params.hs
  • Windows: C:\Users\<youruser>\AppData\Local\SuperCollider\synthdefs\mi-ugens-params.hs
  • OSX: /Users/<youruser>/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/synthdefs/mi-ugens-params.hs
  1. Configure SuperCollider - edit your startup.scd:
  • Linux: /home/<youruser>/.conf/SuperCollider/startup.scd
  • Windows: C:\Users\<youruser>\AppData\Local\SuperCollider\startup.scd
  • OSX: /Users/<youruser>/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/startup.scd
  1. Load the mi-ugens.scd synthdef in startup.scd. Use the full path from 3.

WINDOWS Users! You must use double backslashes for the load() path in startup.scd, eg load("C:\\Users\\<youruser>\...");


~dirt = SuperDirt(2, s);
  // load mi-ugens.scd synthdefs
// end load mi-ugens.scd synthdefs
  1. Configure verb and clouds as Global Effects. Add the following stanza as indicated to your startup.scd:


~d10 = ~dirt.orbits[9]; ~d11 = ~dirt.orbits[10]; ~d12 = ~dirt.orbits[11];
        // define global effects for mutable instruments effects { |x|
var clouds = GlobalDirtEffect(\global_mi_clouds, [\cloudspitch, \cloudspos, \cloudssize, \cloudsdens, \cloudstex, \cloudswet, \cloudsgain, \cloudsspread, \cloudsrvb, \cloudsfb, \cloudsfreeze, \cloudsmode, \cloudslofi]);
var verb = GlobalDirtEffect(\global_mi_verb, [\verbwet, \verbtime, \verbdamp, \verbhp, \verbfreeze, \verbdiff, \verbgain]);
x.globalEffects = x.globalEffects
// end define global effects for mutable instruments effects
  1. Save your startup.scd and exit

  2. You can choose to import the mi-ugens-params.hs parameter definitions manually in your tidal session, or add the following :script directive to the BootTidal.hs file associated with your editor of choice (locating the correct BootTidal.hs is beyond the scope of this reference)


setR = streamSetR tidal
setB = streamSetB tidal


:script FULL_PATH_TO_mi-ugens-params.hs

Which should now be followed by

:set prompt "tidal>"
:set prompt-cont ""
  1. Start/restart SuperCollider

OSX Users!* You may see a security dialog disallowing the ugens to run. Please see this post by @oscd for workarounds/fixes**