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Even more

Sometimes, the documentation will not be enough for your needs. You might want to explore Tidal in more depth and take a look at each and every function currently in store. There are some tools you can use to explore.


Hackage is the central Haskell package repository, maintained by the community. Hackage is used to publish libraries. The website will auto-generate an exhaustive documentation (but nothing is perfect!) for each and every package. You can take a look at the Tidal Hackage page to explore all the different modules and functions.

Old school Perl script

You can generate a complete list of all the functions by using a quick hack. The GHCI :browse command can be used to generate the list. The following Perl script will clean the output for you and output a more human-readable document:

perl -pe 's!(.*?)\s*::\s*(.*)!|-\n|[[$1]]\n|<code>$2</code>!'