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Or, to apply <source inline>(# speed "0.5")</source> to only the last quarter of a pattern:
或者將 <source inline>(# speed "0.5")</source> 作用於圖式最後四分之一

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Type: within :: Arc -> (Pattern a -> Pattern a) -> Pattern a -> Pattern a


舉例來說, 將 fast 2 只應用在圖式的前半段:

d1 $ within (0, 0.5) (fast 2) $ sound "bd*2 sn lt mt hh hh hh hh"

或者將 (# speed "0.5") 作用於圖式最後四分之一

d1 $ within (0.75, 1) (# speed "0.5") $ sound "bd*2 sn lt mt hh hh hh hh"