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Type: unit :: Pattern String -> ControlPattern

unit controls how the speed parameter is interpreted. It accepts a pattern of the following values: "r" (default), "c", or "s".

With unit "r", speed multiplies the sample playback rate, so 1 is normal 2 is double speed, 0.5 half speed, etc.

With unit "c", speed specifies the playback rate relative to cycle length. So unit "c" # speed "1" will speed up or slow down the sample to fit in one cycle, unit "c" # speed "2" will play the sample twice as fast (so that it fits in half a cycle), etc. This can be useful for beat matching if your sample is a drum loop.

With unit "s", speed specifies the playback length in seconds.

-- stretches sample to fit in 1 cycle
d1 $ sound "breaks125" # unit "c"

-- stretchs sample to fit in half a cycle
d1 $ sound "breaks125" # unit "c" # speed 2
d1 $ sound "breaks125*2" # unit "c" # speed 2
d1 $ stack [
  n "0 1" # sound "casio"
, sound "breaks125/2" # unit "c" # cut 1 # speed 0.5
] # cps "[0.5 1 1.5 2]/8"