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Type: slowSqueeze :: Pattern Time -> Pattern a -> Pattern a

fastSqueeze slows down a pattern according to the given time pattern. It is the slow analogue to fastSqueeze.

If the time pattern only has a single value in a cycle, slowSqueeze becomes equivalent to slow:

d1 $ slow "<2 4>" $ s "bd*8"

is the same as

d1 $ slowSqueeze "<2 4>" $ s "bd*8"

but when the time pattern has multiple values in it the behavior is a little different! Instead, a slowed version of the pattern will be made for each value in the time pattern and then they're all combined together in a cycle, according to the structure of the time pattern. For example,

d1 $ slowSqueeze "2 4 8 16" $ s "bd*8"

is equivalent to

d1 $ s "bd*4 bd*2 bd bd/2"


d1 $ slowSqueeze "2 4 [8 16]" $ s "bd*8"

is equivalent to

d1 $ s "bd*4 bd*2 [bd bd/2]"