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Type: cat :: [Pattern a] -> Pattern a

cat, (also known as slowcat, to match with fastcat defined below) concatenates a list of patterns into a new pattern; each pattern in the list will maintain its original duration. For example:

d1 $ cat [sound "bd*2 sn", sound "arpy jvbass*2"]

d1 $ cat [sound "bd*2 sn", sound "arpy jvbass*2", sound "drum*2"]

d1 $ cat [sound "bd*2 sn", sound "jvbass*3", sound "drum*2", sound "ht mt"]


Type: fastcat :: [Pattern a] -> Pattern a

fastcat works like cat above, but squashes all the patterns to fit a single cycle. Examples:

d1 $ fastcat [sound "bd*2 sn", sound "arpy jvbass*2"]

d1 $ fastcat [sound "bd*2 sn", sound "arpy jvbass*2", sound "drum*2"]

d1 $ fastcat [sound "bd*2 sn", sound "jvbass*3", sound "drum*2", sound "ht mt"]

See also: append, fastAppend