Instalación en Windows.

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Recursos previos necesarios.

Antes de instalar Tidal, asegurate que los siguientes estén instalados.

Recursos Previos Opcionales

Lo siguiente es opcional, pero recomendado:

  • SC3 Plugins - you may need the SuperCollider sc3-plugins if you want to use any of the synths included in SuperDirt. Most of the examples in the documentation will still work, so you could skip this step and return to it later.

Instalar TidalCycles

Abrí una terminal (o PowerShell). Luego escribí y ejecutá los siguientes comandos (ignorando cualquier queja alrededor de que cabal tiene un "legado v1 de estilo de uso"):

cabal update
cabal install tidal

Si nunca instalaste TidalCycles antes, cabal install tidal puede llegar a tardar bastante tiempo. Al terminar debería decír "Installed tidal-x.x.x" (siendo x.x.x el numero de la última versión) sin ningún error.

Instalar SuperDirt

Start SuperCollider, and in the editor window paste in the following line of code:

   Quarks.checkForUpdates(); Quarks.install("SuperDirt", "v1.0")

Run the code by clicking on it, to make sure the cursor is on this line, then hold down Shift and press Enter. This will download SuperDirt and you will see it has completed when the Post Window displays:

... the class library may have to be recompiled.
-> SuperDirt

After it has completed, you will need to restart SuperCollider (or alternatively, recompile the class library via the “Language” menu).

Install Atom Extension

Start Atom, and install the TidalCycles plugin. You can find it via the menus under edit > settings > install, then typing “tidalcycles” into the search box. Once that’s installed, restart atom.

Test Your Installation

Now you are ready to Start TidalCycles and SuperDirt for the first time.