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= Documentation =
= 文檔 =
Enter the [[Userbase]] for installation info, reference material, tutorials and guides!
Enter the [[Userbase]] for installation info, reference material, tutorials and guides!

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Playlist of performances with Tidal from our youtube channel

TidalCycles(或者'Tidal') 是一個自由/開放源代碼軟體。透過它編織圖式的功能,你可以創作出無論是在algorave的現場代碼音樂,抑或是在工作室內完成編曲。


Tidal 非常易於編曲,你可以輕鬆的結合或變化不同"曲式",從簡單的素材當中創造出相當複雜的結構。

Tidal本身並不製成聲效,它被設計為與一個多功能的聲音合成引擎SuperDirt一起使用,並且可以通過Open Sound Control或者MIDI來控制其他合成器。無論你是使用SuperDirt或其他合成器,任何濾波器或效果器都可以透過Tidal的圖式被獨立操控或調製。



Enter the Userbase for installation info, reference material, tutorials and guides!

This website is now a wiki, which means that as well as enjoying these resources, you can improve and add to them.

The above is for the current 1.0.x release of Tidal. To access the documentation for the previous version 0.9.10, please see the old website.


Contributing coffee

If you enjoy TidalCycles, please consider helping speed up development by contributing coffees to Alex! He's put years into making Tidal, and one-off or regular coffees help speed up both its development and documentation.


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Past events

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TidalCycles and SuperDirt have been developed with contributions from a wide range of people - Tidal contributors / SuperDirt contributors.

TidalCycles was initiated by Alex McLean around 2009 during doctoral work funded by EPSRC. Alex's ongoing work on Tidal is partly supported by Ko-Fi contributors and the PENELOPE project (under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme of the European Union, grant agreement No 682711).

TidalCycles has been heavily inspired by the work of many others including Bernard Bel, Laurie Spiegel and Adrian Ward.