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To avoid problems, we warmly recommend upgrading all three components of TidalCycles together - the tidalcycles library itself, the editor plugin, and the SuperDirt synth.

TidalCycles library

Upgrade tidal with the following from a terminal window:

cabal update
cabal install tidal

You can verify that the latest version of tidal has installed with this command in a terminal window:

ghc-pkg-8.6.3 list tidal

If you see more than one listed don't worry - the most recent one will be used.

To go back to using the previously installed version of tidal, you can 'unregister' the newer one. For example to stop using version 1.4.0, type:

ghc-pkg unregister tidal-1.4.0

Editor plugin

To upgrade your tidalcycles editor plugin (which might be referred to as an 'extension' or 'package'). In atom, you can do this via the preferences > updates menu.

In VSCode, you can upgrade the TidalCycles package by viewing your extensions (View > Extensions menu, or click on the Extensions icon on the left-hand activity bar), searching for TidalCycles and then choose to upgrade.


To upgrade the SuperDirt sound synthesiser/sampler, open supercollider, and run the following (paste it in, put your cursor on that line, hit shift-enter):


After this, you'll need to recompile the class library. You can do this either by restarting supercollider, or via the "Recompile class library" entry on the "Language" menu.