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To avoid problems, we warmly recommend upgrading all three components of TidalCycles together - the tidalcycles library itself, the editor plugin, and the SuperDirt synth.

TidalCycles library

Upgrade tidal with the following from a terminal window:

cabal update
cabal install tidal

You might see some warnings, but if it ends with ``

Editor plugin

To upgrade your tidalcycles editor plugin (which might be referred to as an 'extension' or 'package'). In atom, you can do this via the preferences > updates menu.


To upgrade the SuperDirt sound synthesiser/sampler, open supercollider, and run the following (paste it in, put your cursor on that line, hit shift-enter):

``` Quarks.update("SuperDirt") ```

After this, you'll need to recompile the class library. You can do this either by restarting supercollider, or via the "Recompile class library" entry on the "Language" menu.