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如果你享受TidalCycles帶來的樂趣,也請考慮幫助Alex加速開發更優質的功能,[http://ko-fi.com/yaxulive 買杯咖啡給Alex吧]!他花了多年的時間開發了Tidal,一杯或定期的咖啡將會幫助他開發和改善文檔的!
如果你享受TidalCycles帶來的樂趣,也請考慮幫助Alex加速開發更優質的功能,[http://ko-fi.com/yaxulive 買杯咖啡給Alex吧]!他花了多年的時間開發了Tidal,一杯或定期的咖啡將會幫助他開發和改善文檔!

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If you enjoy TidalCycles, please consider helping speed up development by [http://ko-fi.com/yaxulive contributing coffees] to Alex! He's put years into making Tidal, and one-off or regular coffees help speed up both its development and documentation.