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 h English (en)In Tidal, what ''is'' a pattern? There are a lot of ways of answering this question. A technical definition is that under the hood, a pattern is a function from time to events. You give a pattern a start and end time, and it gives you back the events that are active (in part or in whole) during that timespan. An event is itself a value with a start and end time.
 h Chinese (Taiwan) (zh-tw)在Tidal裡,究竟什麼是“圖式”呢?有很多方式可以回答這個問題:就技術層面的定義來說,圖式是一個由時間到事件,在背景運行的函數。給予圖式一個起始時間和終止時間,它會返回一個在時間段內(部分或全部)持續發生的事件。事件指的是自身作為一個包含起始和終止時間的值。