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 h English (en)* [[Contributing tests]]
* [[History of Tidal]]
* [[Changes in Tidal 1.0.0]]
* [[Friends and relations]]
 h French (fr)* [[Contributing tests | Contribuer aux tests]]
* [[History of Tidal | Histoire de Tidal]]
* [[Changes in Tidal 1.0.0 | Changements survenus lors de Tidal 1.0.0]]
* [[Friends and relations | Amis et réseaux]]
 h Chinese (Taiwan) (zh-tw)* [[Contributing tests|貢獻測試]]
* [[History of Tidal|Tidal的歷史]]
* [[Changes in Tidal 1.0.0|Tidal 1.0.0更新]]
* [[Friends and relations|朋友們]]