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Starting a list of projects connected with TidalCycles - ones that interface with/inspired/are inspired by tidal.

(For a long list of _all_ the live coding environments, see the all things livecoding list.)

Ports and parsers

  • Estuary is a platform for collaboration and learning through live coding, hosting a range of environments in a web-browser, including "minitidal", a parser for tidal
  • tidal.pegjs - is a parsing expression grammar for the TidalCycles mininotation, written using PEG.js. The goal of the PEG is to easily translate strings of Tidal patterns into annotated JavaScript data structures for use in sequencing


  • Extramuros, a language-neutral shared-buffer networked live coding system in the browser (precursor of Estuary)
  • Siren - a tracker interface for TidalCycles and SuperCollider
  • Troop, a real-time collaborative tool that enables group live coding within the same document across multiple computers. Works with a range of live coding languages, including Tidal

Tidal-inspired systems

  • Krill - a javascript-based live coding environment inspired by tidal

Systems that inspired Tidal

  • Bol processor - algorithmic music system based on compositional grammars, grown from research into symbolic notation of tabla rhythms
  • Euterpea is a cross-platform, domain-specific language for computer music applications embedded in the Haskell programming language
  • MEAPsoft, especially beat rotation (rotcomposer)