Control Functions

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Function name Input type Description
s Pattern String An alias of sound
n Pattern Double
sound String Sounds - either sample sets or synth names. This control is *required* when triggering sounds via SuperDirt.
begin Double Starts sample playback some fraction from the beginning. 0.5 would start playback at the middle.
end Double Stops sample playback some fraction from the end. 0.5 would stop playback at the middle.
accelerate Double Speeds up (or slows down) samples while they play.
cps Double
unit String
loop Double Specifies how many times to loop through the sample.
legato Double
sustain Double
gain Double Specifies volume. Values less than 1 make the sound quieter. Values greater than 1 make the sound louder.
channel Int
pan Double Controls stereo position for playback. With the default two-channel setup, zero is left, one is right.
note Double
freq Double
midinote Double
octave Int Sets where "middle" C is. Default is 5, so "n 0" corresponds to "midinote 60"
offset Double
cut Int
orbit Int
shape Double Distorts the sound, has a maximum value of 1.
hcutoff Double Frequency in Hz for a high-pass filter. Alias is "hpf".
hresonance Double Resonance for high-pass filter. Alias is "hpq".
bandf Double
bandq Double
crush Double
coarse Int
cutoff Double
attack Double
release Double
hold Double
tremolorate Double
tremolodepth Double
phaserrate Double
phaserdepth Double
vowel String
delaytime Double
delayfeedback Double
delayAmp Double missing from params?
delaySend Double missing from params?
lock Double
size Double
room Double
dry Double
leslie Double
lrate Double
lsize Double