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Pour discuter de Tidal, rejoignez la communauté Tidal Cycles sur le Rocket Chat.

Vous pouvez accéder au forum au format web ou par mail. Ce système est pensé pour remplacer la vieille tidal mailing list.


Rejoignez le chat pour discuter directement de Tidal. Plusieurs canaux sont dédiés au langage et à d'autres langages et sujets autour du live-coding.

  • #tidal - general channel, anything tidal-related goes
  • #tidal-install - in-depth help with installing tidal takes place here
  • #tidal-snippets - where you can share interesting/weird tidal patterns
  • #tidal-innards - we don't like separating end-user live coders from tidal developers too much, but discussion around the tidal 'innards' goes on here
  • #tidal-doc - coordination around the tidal documentation effort
  • #algorave, #livecode etc - meet people using other live coding environments
  • There's a lot more!

Development, bug reporting etc

For tidal development, see the tidal repository on github.

Social media

Tidal-related feeds

A list of blogs, podcasts, and so on.

Subscribable via RSS/atom feed reader, such as:

Tidal related

Tidal news etc

Tidal people

Other feeds

Anything Tidal people might be interested in, related to live coding, strange electronic music, free media art etc

Computer science type things