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TidalCycles q&a, forum and chat

If you have questions about using or installing Tidal, then the Ask TidalCycles q&a website is a good first port of call.

For live discussion and chat, there’s an active #tidal channel (and also a #tidal-innards channel for those interested in meddling with tidal’s internals) on the TOPLAP slack. You can also chat with people using other live coding environments there on the #general and other channels.

For in-depth discussion about TidalCycles, the official forum is at, which is accessible both as a web forum and over email.


Twitter: @tidalcycles


The source for Tidal, SuperDirt, Dirt and this website is accessible at

Live coding is the home of live coding, you can find out about a lot of other live coding environments there. They also have a lurk forum called livecode.


Algorave promote live coded dance music.


Some people who make/have made music with Tidal (sometimes amongst other things..), in alphabetical order: