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Pages proposed for translation

These pages contain text with translation tags, but no version of these pages are currently marked for translation.

  1. New:Welcome
  2. fromList
  3. fromMaybes
  4. listToPat

Pages with pending changes

These pages have changes not marked for translation.

  1. All effects and synths (old syntax)
  2. Community (old syntax)
  3. Configuration (old syntax)
  4. Controller Input (old syntax)
  5. Custom OSC - pre 1.5.0 (old syntax)
  6. Custom Samples (old syntax)
  7. Different Kinds of Pattern (old syntax)
  8. History of Tidal (old syntax)
  9. Linux installation (old syntax)
  10. MacOS installation (old syntax)
  11. Mini notation syntax (old syntax)
  12. Start tidalcycles and superdirt for the first time (old syntax)
  13. Troubleshooting a Tidal install (old syntax)
  14. Tutorial (old syntax)
  15. Upgrading (old syntax)
  16. Userbase (old syntax)
  17. Welcome (old syntax)
  18. What is a pattern? (old syntax)
  19. Windows installation (old syntax)
  20. cat (old syntax)

Pages in translation

The latest version of these pages have been marked for translation.

  1. Academic publications (old syntax)
  2. Basic Patterns (old syntax)
  3. Combining pattern structure (old syntax)
  4. Installation (old syntax)
  5. Interaction (old syntax)
  6. Interviews and articles (old syntax)
  7. List of tidal editors (old syntax)
  8. MIDI (old syntax)
  9. MIDI Clock (old syntax)
  10. Manipulating samples (old syntax)
  11. Multi-user Tidal (old syntax)
  12. Randomness (old syntax)
  13. Reverting to an earlier version (old syntax)
  14. Separate audio outputs (old syntax)
  15. SuperDirt MIDI Tutorial (old syntax)
  16. Tidal workshop worksheet (old syntax)
  17. Transforming Patterns (old syntax)
  18. Understanding the $ (old syntax)
  19. accelerate (old syntax)
  20. append (old syntax)
  21. attack (old syntax)
  22. brak (old syntax)
  23. choose (old syntax)
  24. every (old syntax)
  25. jux (old syntax)
  26. off (old syntax)
  27. release (old syntax)
  28. sometimes (old syntax)
  29. superimpose (old syntax)
  30. within (old syntax)
  31. Template:See also (old syntax)