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Tidal installs under Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Required Prerequisites

Before installing Tidal, make sure the following are installed first:

Optional Prerequisites

The following is optional, but recommended:

  • SC3 Plugins - you may need the SuperCollider sc3-plugins if you want to use any of the synths included in SuperDirt. Most of the examples in the documentation will still work, so you could skip this step and return to it later.

Special note for Linux Users

Hopefully your Linux distribution makes the above easily available to you via a package manager. For example, if you are using recent version of Ubuntu or similar, you can install haskell with the following command in a terminal window:

sudo apt-get install build-essential cabal-install git

It should be possible to install supercollider via this method too, via

supercollider sc3-plugins

. However this often doesn't work. Either the supercollider version is too old (superdirt needs at least version 3.7), or the version of supercollider is mismatched with sc3-plugins. If you're using ubuntu, mint or a similar distribution, my advice is to ignore the supercollider packages and just compile them yourself. These scripts make it super easy to do so:

Just paste in the four commandline instructions under "How to?" in turn (you can ignore the bit about 'the debian way')