Muting functions

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Your code editor may have a keystroke to comment a single line. If you are structuring your code as a multiline block, you can quickly remove / add back in one or more functions that share a single line. Essentially 'muting' it from your pattern.

In Atom, the keystroke is Ctrl + /

In this example, all the delay parameters are grouped on a single line, and the delay can be muted quickly by commenting and re-evaluating the code block.

d1 $ sound "808oh*4" 
#delayfeedback 0.75 # delaytime (segment 2 $ choose[3,5,7]/32) # delay 0.5

Additionally, some functions have a value/default value that will negate their effect on the pattern. A few examples:

  • speed 1
  • fast 1
  • slow 1

You could use const to replace the pattern with a blank one (note: this affects the whole pattern).

d1 $ (const $ sound "" ) $ sound "808(5,8)"

See also: silence

If a function requires another function as an input, you may be able to mute with the id aka the Haskell identity function. This can also be helpful as a placeholder

Compare these two examples, the first has transposition as part of the stut', the second replaces that function with id, effectively muting the transposition

d1 $ stut' 2 (1/16) (+ note "1") $ sound "808(3,8)"
d1 $ stut' 2 (1/16) (id) $ sound "808(3,8)"