MacOS automated installation

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We are still working on this automated installation, but it seems to work well for most people. If you have problems, please join us on the #tidal-install chat channel and we'll do our best to help. We'd be very happy to hear about successes too!

Running the script

You can run the install script by simply opening a terminal window, pasting in the following and pressing enter:

curl -sSf | /bin/bash

It will probably ask for your password at some point. As you type, characters won't be echoed to the screen, so you'll have to look at your keys and do your best!

We're still working on this, and a lot of confusing info will scroll past. Just let it run until the end.

What the script does

The script installs the tools mentioned in TidalCycles manual installation guide. In particular, the script checks if the following programs are installed on the system, and installs them if they are missing.

  • SuperCollider (and SuperDirt)
  • Atom (and the TidalCycles plugin)
  • Haskell language (ghcup)
  • The Tidal pattern engine