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UPDATE: The Atom Editor will be sunsetting on Dec. 15, 2022. See the official Sunsetting Atom page for more details. Tidal will be moving to the new Pulsar editor. Projected timeline to have Pulsar ready with the Tidalcycles package: end of 2022. Until then, new Tidal users are encouraged to wait for the new Pulsar editor or select one of the other editors.

Note: Tidal users who have a working Atom editor configured with the Tidalcycles package can continue to use it. But post Atom sunsetting, the Atom package manager will stop working.

Atom is assumed to be Tidal Cycles's default text editor for newcomers. It is an intuitive but featureful code editor that can be extended with numerous plugins. You will see quite a lot of users coding with Atom because it has been recommanded for quite a while and for good reasons. The Tidal Cycles Package is one of the most complete you can currently find. Atom is a free, cross-platform and open-source software. Note that there is also a SuperCollider package that you can use as an alternative to the official IDE. Atom also supports alternative modes of input (Vim-like) through the help of various packages.


The easiest way to find out how to install Atom is to head to the official website. Linux and MacOS users, you are likely to find it in your package manager. The installation process is hassle-free.

Installing the Tidal Cycles plugin#

Open Atom. Click on Preferences > Install. Search for tidalcycles. Click on install. Wait a moment.. and that's all ๐Ÿ˜„. Be sure to check the package options as well for more customization.

Revert to an earlier version of the plugin#

Sometimes, you will need to install and old version of the Atom Package to match with a particular Tidal version. You can do this by using the command line. To install the hypothetic 3.10.0 version of the package, run the following line:

apm install tidalcycles@3.10.0

More about the Tidal Package#

Forum discussion#

The Tidal Package for Atom is developed by ndr_brt. You can find a thread on the Tidal Club forum to get more information directly from the community: features, requests, bug reports, etc...

GitHub repository#

There is a GitHub repository if you want to contribute, report an issue or follow the development.

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